It’s difficult to put into words how important Sing First has become to my family. Ms. Justine has given me new ways to connect and engage with my little one. Freeplay encourages socialization with other littles and fosters a love of music in growing minds. The songs we’ve learned have helped diaper changes feel less like wrestling an alligator, elicited more giggles from me and my daughter alike, and have made night-time snuggles that much sweeter. As a working mom, it’s hard for me to make special memories on weekdays – the availability of a Saturday class means I don’t have to sacrifice the experiences that stay-at-home mamas get to enjoy during the week with their littles. We are SO incredibly thankful for Ms. Justine and Sing First! “We love Sing First! We tried the free class at the Woodstock library when our daughter was about 7 months old
and we were hooked. We loved the curriculum and the teachers ( we have gotten to experience class with both of them). We are now on our third semester and it’s one of our favorite things to do. It’s amazing to see how our daughter has progressed over the course of these semesters. -Melissa Bailey 

We also really enjoy the flexibility of the class- it’s started as a Mummy and me activity and now we do the class as a family. Over the semesters we have had Grannies and Aunties join us too! Our daughter loves the class and the teacher. It is fun for her and for us hanging out with the other lovely parents and kids in class each week.”- Carla Waldron

“My son’s favorite day of the week is his “Sing First” day!! It has been such a blessing to us.” – Marit Mniszewski-Silvers

“My husband and I are thrilled we enrolled our daughter in music classes with Sing First! We have so much fun during each class learning new songs and learning the exercises (Wiggles, Tickles, Bounces, Clapping, etc.) that simultaneously go with each song. We were amazed, during the first semester, with how much our daughter retained from each class. For example, we sang a song we learned from class, at home, and she remembered instantly that we clap to that particular song during class, so she started clapping. It was so much fun to watch her progress over the first semester. We look forward to Sing First! each week. My daughter, husband and I get to sing together, dance together, giggle together, cuddle together and most importantly deepen our bond together. We also love to watch our daughter play with a variety of musical instruments while interacting with other children her age. We believe in this program so much that we signed her up for another semester.” -Amanda Salatiello

“I am taking my 20 month old grandson and he loves it. In fact he is ready every Thursday when I ask does he want to go to music. Justine is so patient and encouraging. Please try it.”- Teresa Lynch

“My son absolutely loves these classes at Sing First! I’m so glad we got him signed up at such a young age (8 months old). I was wanting some type of mommy and me music class that was age appropriate for him and this has been great for him and myself. I love that we get to learn fun songs and games that are easy to play and practice at home too! Each week it surprises me just how much he remembers from each class! Music has always been a huge part of our life and I’m so glad Woodstock has these classes to get the little ones started so young!!” – Jessica Deal

“When my husband and I enrolled Eva in her very first class we had no idea how much fun we would be having during class too! These classes not only broadened her musical horizons, but gave us the tools to teach (play) at home. One of the great things about class is all the different elements that are used to connect to the music and your baby. As a 6 month old Eva, loved the bouncing games, at 12 months she loved the musical instruments and at 18 months she loved the dances. Both Eva and I were able to interact with our peers creating a wonderful sense of community while bonding even more closely with each other.  I believed in the program so much that when we moved back to Georgia I decided to start my own!” -Jillian Maldonado